Holistic and Spiritual Coach

Pip Raine

Guiding you to live in pure alignment.

As a holistic & spiritual coach, I love working with people to guide and support them to live in their true, authentic alignment. When we look within, and make the shift to look after ourselves first and to stop people pleasing, we gradually shed old unwanted emotional layers, (that may have been hanging around for years), and consequently we start to live with more clarity, spontaneity, flow and positive energy. 

Are you looking to spruce up your life?

We are all souls having a human experience, your experience is unique to 


Hi, and welcome - I'm Pip.

I love working with energy, and I will hold a non- judgmental space for you to heal, explore and create. 

Do you fall into the trap of living to societies expectations?

Remember that you do not need to live with these expectations on your shoulders, and when you put them aside, you gain your precious energy back.

Do you want to…

 • Change up your mindset, to be open to new possibilities?
 • Create a new career, to be able to work for yourself and bring more flexibility to your life?
 • Connect to your intuition better?
 • Align to your spiritual nature

 • Learn to breathe in a way that will support you through life’s inevitable challenges?
 • Connect and communicate better with others?
 • Feel more confident with yourself and life’s choices?