A couple of years back I was completely stuck and feeling unfulfilled with my life; I had so many dreams and desires inside but didn’t know how to express them or when or how to take the first step forwards. 
After selling up my flat and leaving the city life of London, I opened up to new opportunities, and time was in my hands for shaping my world for the better. My priorities completely changed, as I delved into a lot of deep inner work, I found my voice again, which I sometimes kept silent (to go with others/ societies expectations.) 

Let me tell you my story, in a nutshell.

Hey, I'mPip

Consequently freeing my voice, I have come back to living in my authentic alignment, with curiosity, creative flow and enthusiasm, also implementing healthy boundaries, self- care and respect, I am now loving my life, as I feel it is mine again.   

I am now traveling in my campervan “Saffron”, indulging in nature and enjoying learning about different cultures.

Life is one big adventure. 

I love my work

What I love about working with my clients, is seeing the positive changes they make, whilst grounding their energy and finding new fresh confidence. 
You will be 100% in the driver’s seat on your journey of self-discovery, as I guide and support you along the way.